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96: A Return to the High Seas - Wind Power Ships

Matt and Sean talk about potential wind power transport for cargo on the high seas.

95: Like a Lead Balloon - Solid State Hydrogen Energy Storage

Matt and Sean talk about solid state hydrogen, lasers, VCR tape, and why Sean’s brain is melting.

94: Re-Fusion to Give Up! Magnetic Fusion Breakthrough

Matt and Sean talk about where fusion energy production stands right now, and how a time machine might help.

93: Witchcraft or Battery? Iron Air, Rust Battery

Matt and Sean talk about iron air, rust batteries and how to effectively compare new technologies with old.

92: This Debunked Episode Will Fail - Debunked Inventions Feedback

Matt and Sean talk about bold and bad predictions, bias, and how to achieve balance in our own response to the new.

91: Behind the Scenes Q&A

Matt and Sean talk about the life of a YouTuber, how Matt got into creating Undecided with Matt Ferrell videos, what it takes to pull videos together, and much more.

90: A Growth Industry? Talking about Agrivoltaics

Matt and Sean (and special guest Rob van der Wouw) talk about the impact and hurdles to incorporating solar energy production into agricultural production.

89: A Lot of Hot Air? Space Powered Cooling Panels

Matt and Sean talk about putting heat into space, and wrestling with how to incorporate new technology into old homes.

88: Algae You in My Dreams? Talking About Algae Plastic

Matt and Sean talk about puns and plastics and how they affect our health. Algae oils may be the future of of biodegradable plastic production.

87: Burying the Lead? Perovskite Solar

Matt and Sean talk about solar panels that move away from silicon, and the industry’s challenge to balance panel longevity and energy production.

86: Is That a Diamond in Your Pocket? Nuclear Diamond Battery

Matt and Sean talk about repurposing nuclear waste into radioactive diamond batteries. No, really.

85: Tired of Earthships?

Matt and Sean talk about earthships (off-grid homes built from repurposed materials like tires), their challenges and advantages, and what more conventional building could learn from them.

84: Full of Empty

Matt and Sean talk about airships: their viability, their safety, and whether passenger travel will ever be something for the masses (or even the super-rich).

83: Don’t Compute Your Chickens Before They’re Hatched!

Matt and Sean talk about IT companies that have found a use for heat waste that provides for consumers’ hot water needs. A win-win-win.

82: Better Off Meat

Matt and Sean talk about lab grown meats, the positives to the environment, and the strange opportunities it serves up.

81: Circuit Breaker Circumstances

Matt and Sean talk about Matt’s experience with smart circuit breakers and smart electric panels, how you might need to divvy up your power needs in a blackout, and what to do when you’ve got a rogue dehumidifier.

80: Too Many Bond Villains - Floating the Idea of Floating Cities

Matt and Sean talk about the the future of car ownership, how there’s not just one solution for everything, and the viability of floating cities … and how many Bond villains it takes to make it happen.

79: Ok…Ok… We Knew It Has Mass…

Matt and Sean talk "massless" batteries, and how to tell if some of those apples you're comparing might actually be oranges. Or bananas.

78: The Hottest and Wettest Batteries!

Matt and Sean talk about molten metal batteries, how they may solve some power storage issues, and why their pace of development is slow.

77: Give Me An N…E…O…M… What’s That Spell? (Not Monorail)

Matt and Sean talk about possible advances in sustainable tech--even though the big picture project may be a pipe-dream--and what elements of that dream might even be truly crucial in the future (hint: there's salt in your water).

76: Frosting for 500,000 People - Talking About Modular Homes

Matt and Sean talk about modular and panelized homes, if it’s an affordable path to net zero, Matt’s journey to his own modular home, and reaching 500,000 subscribers.

75: Mold (Mould) Molds (Moulds) - Talking about Mycelium as a plastic replacement

Matt and Sean talk about Mycelium Fungus, if it’s a good replacement for plastic, whether it might be a technology that will grow on us, and will we eat it or stick to cow.

74: Double Feature - Talking Space Mining and Tidal Turbines

Matt and Sean talk about space mining, the costs, the challenges, and if we’ll see it in our lifetimes. And we also talk about tidal turbines and how well they’ll stand up to the maintenance challenges.

73: Making Number 2 Number 1 - Talking Water Pipe Turbines

Matt and Sean talk about water pipe turbine generators, turning your toilet into a power source, and the incredible number of ways we can turn wasted energy into electricity.

72: Recycled Content and Cities - Talking Battery Recycling

Matt and Sean talk about EV recycling research that could grow to a second source of critical battery components and help revitalize economically depressed cities in the US.

71: Is That A Turbine In Your Pocket, Or…?

Matt and Sean talk about “bladeless” wind-powered electricity generation, and the inspiring (and awkward) design concepts behind them.

70: Which is Better: Solar Panels or Solar Tiles?

Matt and Sean discuss how the aesthetics of solar tiles might not find a mass market place if panels start to be an everyday item. Also: is the cost really out of control in the US?

69: 3D Printed Homes Have a Strong Foundation

Matt and Sean talk about recent progress in 3D printed homes, and what the future may hold. Also: STAR WARS: Bad Batch, Tenet, and FAST AND FURIOUS.

68: Movement in the Transportation Sector: Talking Electric Truck Shipping

Matt and Sean discuss the ins and outs of transitioning to electric fleets of shipping trucks; also: hate watching Mortal Kombat, Space 1999, and how the 1970s were just plain weird.

67: This Tech is Solid (State Batteries)

Matt and Sean talk about what to expect from Solid State Batteries, and when to expect them. Also: NOBODY, SHADOW & BONE, and more.

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