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118: Machine Learning or Machine Failing?

If the machines have learned anything, it’s that we’re talking about them and machine learning’s impact on our future.

117: Battery Streak Interview - Fast Charging Batteries

On today’s episode of Still To Be Determined I’m going to be interviewing Dan Alpern from Battery Streak about their new fast charging battery technology that uses Niobium.

116: A Day at the Beach - Ocean Batteries

Matt and Sean talk about oceans as renewable energy storage? The tide may be turning.

115: You call that a battery? Pumped Hydro Storage

Matt and Sean discuss how “old reliable” might be the best reliable ... we’re talking about how pumped hydro storage is the biggest energy storage system in the world.

114: Holy CR@P! Energy From Human Waste

Matt and Sean discuss how human waste is a hot commodity and could provide renewable energy and materials for the future.

113: Is Faster Charging Worth The Downsides?

Matt and Sean discuss how improvements to batteries also have a negative side.

112: Sunroof? More Like SUNROOF! Talking About Solar Cars

Matt and Sean take a look at solar powered cars: sci-fi or sci-why?

111: Tiled of the Solar Roof Talk?

Matt and Sean take a look at solar roof options and discuss the multiple approaches to getting them to market.

110: Living in 3D - 3D Printing Homes

Matt and Sean examine how 3d printed homes may solve some problems… someday.

109: You Won’t Trip on These Blocks - Hemp vs. Concrete

Matt and Sean examine how hemp may become a renewable, eco-friendly building material.

108: Biofuels vs. Electric Vehicles

Matt and Sean talk about biofuels advantages and disadvantages in the drive for a cleaner future.

107: A Thorium Thubject - Future of Nuclear Energy

Matt and Sean talk about recent advances to thorium reactor research and projects that might solve some energy production needs.

106: A Pile of Shipping - Nuclear Powered Ships

Matt and Sean talk about the concerns, costs and advantages to nuclear powered shipping.

105: Grids, Big and Small - Tesla Powerwall & Virtual Power Plants

Matt and Sean talk about a decentralized power grid in the form of thousands of at home batteries.

104: A Tiny Problem with Claustrobia - Tiny Houses

Matt and Sean talk about tiny houses, the mindset necessary to live in one, and aliens.

103: Bringing Sexy Back… in a small way - Carbon Nanotubes

Matt and Sean talk about a very small technology that requires big brains to understand.

102: The Micro and the Macro - The Future of the Electric Grid

Matt and Sean talk about the grid, transmission lines, and energy independence.

101: The High(ly) Charged Seas - Solar Powered Boats

Matt and Sean talk about solar powered boats, and Sean gives away a million dollar idea.

100: Charged Printing - 3D Printed Solid State Batteries

Matt and Sean talk about 3D printing of solid state batteries and their applications.

99: A Tall Drink of Computations - Nanotech Water Desalination

Matt and Sean talk about tech, water consumption, and some interesting desalination techniques that could address the fresh water crisis.

98: Not Saying Easy... Easier - Graphene Supercapacitors

Matt and Sean talk about some positive steps in graphene and supercapacitor development & production.

97: A Foundational Technology - Cement Batteries

Matt and Sean talk about being blockheads and concrete battery storage.

96: A Return to the High Seas - Wind Power Ships

Matt and Sean talk about potential wind power transport for cargo on the high seas.

95: Like a Lead Balloon - Solid State Hydrogen Energy Storage

Matt and Sean talk about solid state hydrogen, lasers, VCR tape, and why Sean’s brain is melting.

94: Re-Fusion to Give Up! Magnetic Fusion Breakthrough

Matt and Sean talk about where fusion energy production stands right now, and how a time machine might help.

93: Witchcraft or Battery? Iron Air, Rust Battery

Matt and Sean talk about iron air, rust batteries and how to effectively compare new technologies with old.

92: This Debunked Episode Will Fail - Debunked Inventions Feedback

Matt and Sean talk about bold and bad predictions, bias, and how to achieve balance in our own response to the new.

91: Behind the Scenes Q&A

Matt and Sean talk about the life of a YouTuber, how Matt got into creating Undecided with Matt Ferrell videos, what it takes to pull videos together, and much more.

90: A Growth Industry? Talking about Agrivoltaics

Matt and Sean (and special guest Rob van der Wouw) talk about the impact and hurdles to incorporating solar energy production into agricultural production.

89: A Lot of Hot Air? Space Powered Cooling Panels

Matt and Sean talk about putting heat into space, and wrestling with how to incorporate new technology into old homes.

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