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79: Ok…Ok… We Knew It Has Mass…

Matt and Sean talk "massless" batteries, and how to tell if some of those apples you're comparing might actually be oranges. Or bananas.

78: The Hottest and Wettest Batteries!

Matt and Sean talk about molten metal batteries, how they may solve some power storage issues, and why their pace of development is slow.

77: Give Me An N…E…O…M… What’s That Spell? (Not Monorail)

Matt and Sean talk about possible advances in sustainable tech--even though the big picture project may be a pipe-dream--and what elements of that dream might even be truly crucial in the future (hint: there's salt in your water).

76: Frosting for 500,000 People - Talking About Modular Homes

Matt and Sean talk about modular and panelized homes, if it’s an affordable path to net zero, Matt’s journey to his own modular home, and reaching 500,000 subscribers.

75: Mold (Mould) Molds (Moulds) - Talking about Mycelium as a plastic replacement

Matt and Sean talk about Mycelium Fungus, if it’s a good replacement for plastic, whether it might be a technology that will grow on us, and will we eat it or stick to cow.

74: Double Feature - Talking Space Mining and Tidal Turbines

Matt and Sean talk about space mining, the costs, the challenges, and if we’ll see it in our lifetimes. And we also talk about tidal turbines and how well they’ll stand up to the maintenance challenges.

73: Making Number 2 Number 1 - Talking Water Pipe Turbines

Matt and Sean talk about water pipe turbine generators, turning your toilet into a power source, and the incredible number of ways we can turn wasted energy into electricity.

72: Recycled Content and Cities - Talking Battery Recycling

Matt and Sean talk about EV recycling research that could grow to a second source of critical battery components and help revitalize economically depressed cities in the US.

71: Is That A Turbine In Your Pocket, Or…?

Matt and Sean talk about “bladeless” wind-powered electricity generation, and the inspiring (and awkward) design concepts behind them.

70: Which is Better: Solar Panels or Solar Tiles?

Matt and Sean discuss how the aesthetics of solar tiles might not find a mass market place if panels start to be an everyday item. Also: is the cost really out of control in the US?

69: 3D Printed Homes Have a Strong Foundation

Matt and Sean talk about recent progress in 3D printed homes, and what the future may hold. Also: STAR WARS: Bad Batch, Tenet, and FAST AND FURIOUS.

68: Movement in the Transportation Sector: Talking Electric Truck Shipping

Matt and Sean discuss the ins and outs of transitioning to electric fleets of shipping trucks; also: hate watching Mortal Kombat, Space 1999, and how the 1970s were just plain weird.

67: This Tech is Solid (State Batteries)

Matt and Sean talk about what to expect from Solid State Batteries, and when to expect them. Also: NOBODY, SHADOW & BONE, and more.

66: These Jokes Are “Pun”ishing: Talking Green Hydrogen

Matt and Sean talk about green hydrogen options--where it might work today and what its tomorrow may look like. ALSO: Made For Love, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Tribes of Europa and more.

65: Are We At a Tipping Point? Talking About the Future of Renewable Energy

Matt and Sean talk about the comparison between our current era and previous large shifts in industrial revolutions in how industry evolved. Seismic shifts bring scary change. Has the public hopped on board? Also: INVINCIBLE, SEARCH PARTY, and more.

64: Rolling with Solar: Talking Going Off-Grid in Solar RVs

Matt and Sean discuss Matt's talk with a mobile-solar-RVing friend who lives off-grid wherever he might want to roll (including how it might not be for everyone). Also: GODZILLA vs. KONG, DEBRIS, and some award-nominated movie recommendations.

63: Snowpierced! Hyperloop explored!

Matt and Sean talk Elon Musk and hyperloops, how you'd find enough real estate (or convince people to get inside), and why the train system itself may be beside the point. Also: more WandaVision, Say Anything, and Falcon & The Winter Soldier.

62: Old Timey Machines and Submarines: Talking Stirling Engines

Matt and Sean discuss how the old technology of a Stirling Engine can have modern (and even futuristic) applications. How thermal energy storage and Stirling Engines could provide energy storage for renewable energy. Also: The Snyder Cut of Justice League, WandaVision, and The Lighthouse.

61: Old McDonald Had Geothermal - Talking Geothermal Heating and Cooling

Matt and Sean talk about geothermal heating and cooling systems (impact, expectations, and costs). Also: WandaVision, For All Mankind, Punky Brewster flashbacks, and more.

60: Bond Villains Rejoice - Talking Elon Musk’s Neuralink

Matt and Sean talk about Neuralink, Elon Musk's idealism, potential upsides and downsides, and how ethics need to catch up soon before bad acts (intentional or not) start happening. Also: sci-fi is coming true (eveything from Star Trek's BORG to Futurama's heads in jars), documentaries to check out, and a couple of creepy films and TV shows to make you feel... let's call it "better."

59: Studs Be Damned - Talking Passive Homes

Matt and Sean talk about passive homes, saving on energy costs, and why you don't want the wrong kinds of studs! Plus: Babylon 5, Jack Nicholson, Jenny Slate, and video game hiccups in OUTRIDERS (and why we have compassion for them).

58: Toupeight! Talking Nanotechnology and Lithium Ion Batteries

Matt and Sean talk about breakthroughs in mining processes using nanotechnology and metal organic frameworks (MOFs), as well as the impact on battery development and solid state batteries. Also: Sputnik, Star Wars, and Steve Martin. Tell us about any other podcast that goes from nanotech to Steve Martin. I dare you!

57: Under Pressure - Talking About Geothermal Energy

Matt and Sean talk about geothermal energy production, company transitions to new models, and upstarts who bust the models entirely like Tesla … and maybe even an Apple Car. Also: more Babylon 5, and a bunch of comedies to make hard times a little bit brighter.

56: We’re Calling It Brogurt! Talking Vertical Farming

Matt and Sean talk about vertical farming, Elon and Kimbal Musk, weird super-bowl parties, and share some thoughts on the Babylon 5 resurgence.

55: Fungus Among Us - Talking about Net-Zero buildings

Matt and Sean talk about growing bricks of fungus, green architecture and net-zero buildings, and slaughtering non-English pronunciations. ALSO:  movies and television that make them cry (sometimes in fear).

54: This Thing Blows - Talking About Battery Snow Blowers

Matt and Sean talk about electric snow blowers (Torque! Blades! Intrigue!), Ego mowers, batteries and other home products, as well as powerful one-man shows, and cartoons about cannibalism. We cover it all this week.

53: Monkey’s Paw(er-wall) - Talking Tesla Powerwall Issues

Matt and Sean talk about the unexpected pitfalls Matt experienced when putting in his Tesla Powerwall; also: how the Bee Gees are like Marvel Comics, and why nerds need to be careful about what they wish for.

52: Flywheel in the Ointment

Matt and Sean discuss flywheels and how their old-school approach may have future energy storage applications. And how they hold up against lithium ion batteries. Also: a continuation of the Polly Platt filmography, Karate Kid lives on, and Sean tries to say the word "contact" (in a hidden bonus at the end).

51: Podcast & Sons - Talking about Tesla Solar Roof

Matt and Sean talk about all the non-electric benefits of the Tesla Solar Roof, the importance of depending on experts for installation, and fair (and unfair) criticisms of renewable energy programs. Also: film, television and video game recommendations!

50: Micromachines - Talking about Arrival Micro Factories

Matt and Sean talk about the videogame-style microfactory manufacturing setup of EV maker Arrival, as well as (very differing opinions about) the new Wonder Woman movie, Pixar’s Soul, and and getting into 2021.

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