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49: Seanny, I Shrunk The Pod - Talking Nanotechnology

Matt and Sean small-talk about nanotechnology, try to build bridges between brain-busting ideas and bored classroom kids, and discuss the show The Expanse and the film Nocturnal Animals (and why David Lynch is so confusingly fun to watch).

48: Supergreatpodcast, Inc. - Talking Small Modular Nuclear Reactors

Matt and Sean discuss how "small" modular nuclear reactors may be a retro-futurist dream, why building your own computer isn't as much fun as it sounds, and another holiday film to lighten what might be a difficult holiday season.

47: Title Confusion or Tidal Confusion - Talking Hydropower

Matt and Sean discuss the very wide range of hydro-electric power production methods and tidal energy, and why some of them need more attention (from Matt) in the future. Also: super-hero shows that are better than expected, the return of Zach at Bayside, and massive changes that may mean doom for the movie theater industry.

46: Everything is Torque! Talking About Electric Snowblowers, Smart Homes, and More

Matt and Sean discuss which smart home devices might make good holiday gifts, how electric lawn and home-care devices, like the Ego Snowblower, have reached a new level of usability, and as usual... STAR WARS and The Mandalorian (as well as some feel-good holiday fare).

45: Solar Sheep - Talking about Community Solar, Smart Meters, and Star Wars

Matt and Sean talk about how to take advantage of solar power panels when you don't own your home, how to enjoy terrible movies with comedians, the ways that The Mandalorian is reviving STAR WARS, and most importantly... solar sheep.

44: Regrets? Talking Tesla Model 3

Matt and Sean talk about whether or not the Tesla 3 still fits Matt's needs. Also: TV and movie recommendations that include animated fare, sci-fi, funny ghosts, and a movie made for happier times.

43: After Dark - What to Watch (or Play)!

Matt and Sean talk about Matt's upcoming episodes, his upcoming second channel, and television, movies, and videogames (many of them related--accidentally--to The Mandalorian) that will help you pass the time.

42: Charged By The Minute - Talking EV Charging and Getting Weird

Matt and Sean talk about varied ways that charging stations encourage (or discourage) speedy use, and they humbly suggest ways that positive motivation could work better. Also: ghost stories, spy thrillers, and what to do with your leaves.

41: Our Panel of Panel Experts - Talking Solar Panels for Home

Matt and Sean discuss solar panel owners' relationships to their power company, tax issues, and when motion detectors strand you in a bathroom stall. No, seriously.

40: My Right Foot - Talking Porsche and Tesla Updates Gone Wrong

Matt and Sean talk about the Porsche Taycan, why it’s not the “Tesla-killer,” what a Tesla-killer should have, and why car interfaces should not be confusing or include connection plugs near your ankle. As well as an update on Matt’s Model 3 problems.

39: Full of Hot Air…

... Well, cold air. Matt and Sean discuss liquid air batteries (cryogenic energy storage) and Highview Power, the difficulties of using technical terminology, and what happens when you're scared to go into your bathroom.

38: Trigger Warnings - Talking about solar panel environmental impacts

Matt and Sean talk about solar panels, their useful life, how some people get triggered by them, and what stands in the way of people using them. Also: what is the deal with 1970s sex scenes?

37: What principles? Talking about Tesla Battery Day

Matt and Sean discuss the ways that Tesla’s recent announcements demonstrate a kind of thinking that breaks from the norm and how it puts them ahead—and what we sacrifice in the process. First principles thinking is the term of the day … and batteries … and manufacturing …

36: Fuel Cells are Hard

...to understand. For Sean. But Matt helps him through it! We talk through a lot of questions around efficiency, why they aren’t catching on in cars compared to battery electric vehicles. Plus, an instructional blooper on how to pronounce "hydrogen production."

35: It’s Virtually a Grid — Talking Tesla Powerwall and Home Batteries

Matt and Sean talk about evolving approaches to renewable energy production on the local level, surprising impacts of house-based power storage like Tesla Powerwall and Sonnen Eco, and how they passed out upon seeing the Dune trailer.

34: We Have Engaged … the Pork … well, Supercapacitors

Matt and Sean talk about supercapacitor technology (aka ultracapacitors), trade terrible puns, and wonder if advances in the future will make our bacon sentient. Special thanks to all of the insightful comments from the supercapacitor YouTube video.

33: To Hype or Not to Hype - Tesla Battery Day

Matt and Sean discuss the possible paths that Tesla's battery day announcement might take, rank preferences, and talk about why a company doesn't want to build expectations too much. They also talk about the recent Tesla spy scandal with the Russians. Plus: Sean loses his mind.

32: You spin me right round - wind turbine viewer feedback

Matt and Sean talk about recycling wind turbines or maybe just growing some--the debate over the environmental impact of new technologies, and how some people aren't looking at the big picture enough when it comes to energy production.

31: It’s all about context - talking Tesla solar panels and YouTube

It’s all about context … and where you place your ads. Matt and Sean talk about the US solar installation costs versus other areas of the globe, Tesla solar panel prices, the YouTube algorithm and it keeps content creators jumping, and why are there so many bald tech pundits.

30: E-plane, E-plane! Talking about electric airplanes

Matt and Sean discuss the potentials of electric-powered flight, why it doesn't (and shouldn't) be a simple recreation of liquid-fuel flight, and ways we may be headed to a retro-future. Electric aircraft explained. And as usual they also dive into what they’ve been watching to stay sane, which includes Seth Rogan’s latest movie.

29: Bringing Shadow-power to Light - Talking About Solar Panels

Matt and Sean talk about the shocking advances to solar power production, record breaking solar panel efficiency, and the evolution of 'shadow' based power generation, and how streaming apps are providing (or not providing) positive experiences in a fractured viewing marketplace.

28: Why We Call it Undecided - Talking About Carbon Capture and Beer

Matt and Sean talk about the debate around carbon cleaning technologies and why an all-or-nothing approach may not be the best option, as well as ways to break up stale routines in the name of pandemic-sanity … that includes ginger beer, Dole whip and dressing up as Mickey Mouse.

27: The case of the missing episode

Matt and Sean talk about the evolution of remote work, including how it's impacting Matt's own YouTube channel. Also: suggestions on movies, television, and other Youtube channels to keep us sane during the pandemic-era.

26: Our chickenwire future (carbon nanotubes)

Matt and Sean discuss some possible (but unlikely) uses for carbon nano-tube technology such as Road Runner style escapes, space elevators, and cars that melt into the center of the Earth. Also: what to watch if you don't have a sensory deprivation chamber.

25: Making SENSE of it all

Matt and Sean talk about the Sense energy monitor, machine learning and smart home, and why someone might try to cook eggs on a dehumidifier.

24: The future is mechanical?

Matt and Sean discuss various battery options, mechanical power production, and how cool something as simple as a falling weight can actually be. And more quarantine content ... what we've been watching to keep our minds off of things.

23: Home Automation: Where to start?

Matt and Sean discuss different ways of approaching home-automation (cheapest, easiest, and most impactful), the balance between freedom and usability, and what songs should play when the lights go out unexpectedly.

22: I... Am... THOR(ium)

Matt and Sean talk about what scares people about thorium reactors and nuclear energy, how to take the long view on difficult projects, and how to eat rice off your pants. We also chat about some more about TV recommendations during the pandemic, like Dead Wood, Homecoming, and more.

21: Cast Iron Bikes and the Sound Barrier

Matt and Sean talk about the Rad Power RadRunner 1 E bike, the ins and outs of city cycling, and learning to ride a bike heavier than the Earth itself. Before getting an E bike check to see what is legal in your area.

20: Not to scale - the truth about graphene

NOT TO SCALE: Matt and Sean talk about graphene, how it's made and how it *might* be used. Everything from graphite to flash graphene. They also discuss interns singing Queen, absurd smiley faces, and the bad B-movie set design that is the SpaceX space program.

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